Cancelation Policy

Please give 12 hours notice prior to canceling any appointments. Anything after 12 hours will result in a NO SHOW. After 3 "no shows" a cancelation fee of price of service will be charged to the card on file and client will no longer be able to set appointments online and will only be able to come in as a walk-in "IF" barber has time.

The reason why this is so important, is to protect barbers and their clients. We book ahead of time and its important that all of our clients have a fair opportunity to book an open slot. If someone cancels within 12 hours, then it is less likely we will have time to fill that empty space. However, if there is at least a 12 hour notice, then the barber will have time to fill that space. 

There are plenty of people interested in making and keeping appointments. We care about our clients and wish to allow them to reserve much saught after time slots. We also care about our barbers. Every cancelation within 12 hours, is a potential loss in revenue for our barbers. Our barbers count on haircut revenue to pay for their lifestyles and take care of their families. Please respect our barbers and other clients by giving a 12 hour notice if you will not be able to make it to your appointment.