White Stag Services

These are a few of our most popular services. To view a complete list of all services Click Here.

Zero/Bald Fade.png

Zero/bald fade (45 minutes)

The Zero/Bald Fade is the Original Cut on steroids! Take them sides all the way down to nothing and hook up that blurry fade! Don't forget all the extras. This is also a 45 minute service. It allows us to really dial in and do "More"

Original Cut.jpg

Original cut (30 minutes)

The Original, The OG, The Classic, Authentic Haircut.  You come to a barber shop for a reason - you know that a barber shop haircut is light-years better than ____ clips (fill in the blank)  This is the cut that you don't trust anyone else doing BUT your barber, your White Stag Barber.

Be More Cut.png

Be more cut (45 Minutes)

The 'Be More' Cut is our premium hair cut service that allows for more time and structure than a standard cut.  Trust us, it's worth it.

Face Shave.jpg

Face Shave (30 minutes)

Ahhhh, a barber shop shave.  There is nothing quite like it.  Our White Stag Shave service is art:  your stubbled face, the canvas.

Razor Line up.jpg

Line Up (10 minutes)

Your hair grows fast, sometimes too fast.  

This service keeps your cut crisp. It can be used as that in-between visit where you disconnect your neck hair from your back hair, or it could be used to freshen you up before that big event. This is only for the outer edges of your hair line/beard line(



We get it. A ‘professional head shot’ is something that everyone wants to have, but no one wants to pay hundreds of dollars for one (not to mention the the time it takes to plan a random photoshoot).

Well, you are in luck. White Stag Barber Co. is now offering our head shot service as an add-on to any cut. What better time to get your head shot than after a fresh White Stag cut?! Did we mention it is only $20…. really, only $20.